Transport Sharing

Members' Information

Boston Sinfonia Goes Green with Transport Sharing

This list of players by their home towns is designed to help locate players who may be willing to share transport to rehearsals and concerts. It does not imply that any players have agreed to undertake any sharing!

Players wishing to make contact with another player are asked to e-mail Andrew Marshall ([email protected]) in the first instance.

Please be aware that not all players take part in every concert.

BOSTON Gill Walsh  POSTLING, KENT  David Lewis 
  Janet Stephens  PRECHAC, FRANCE  Anne Dales 
  Roy Phillips  SLEAFORD  Alison McDonald 
  Stephanie Walsh    Cara Palmer 
GAINSBOROUGH  Oliver Butterworth (London)   Chris Owen 
GRANTHAM  Cara Watson    Fran Richards 
  Cassie Hodgson    Garry Stevens 
  Louise Jackson   Gayle Lond
  Matthew Cherry   John Lyon (Heckington)
  Neil Atkinson   Kelvin Brewster (South Rauceby)
  Penny James (Ropsley)   Laura Gardiner (Heckington)
  Stuart Bower   Lynn Brewster (South Rauceby)
GRIMSBY Andrew Marshall (Waltham)   Martin Robbins (Ruskington)
  Robin Parker (Waltham)   Nigel Morley (Heckington) 
HORNCASTLE Kathryn O'Connor   Paul Kenward
KING'S LYNN Dave Montgomery   Ruth Quinton
KIRTON  Jim Perdicos    Simon Vickers (Quarrington) 
LINCOLN Alf Ruddell (Branston)   Sue Shorland
  Christina Brangwyn (Timberland)   Trevor McDonald
  Emiliana Christie (Skellingthorpe)   Paul McCallum
  James Lloyd (North Hykeham) SPALDING Becky Brown
  John Taylor   Brian Stout (Low Fulney)
  Judith Jenks   Henry L'Estrange (Gosberton)
  Mike Lock (South Kyme)   Justyna Szweda
  Simon Kent (Saxilby)   Mike Horsfall
  Susan Troman (Tattershall Bridge)   Nick Brown
LOUGHBOROUGH Richard Mee   Philip Winfield
LOUTH Emma Barnaby   Rachel Winfield
  Janet Briggs SPILSBY Anne Mastin
MELTON MOWBRAY Claire Walton Kate Bishop
  Linda Eggleshaw (Winthorpe)   Lisa Willoughby
PETERBOROUGH  Rohan Wilson    Daniel Leetch 
  Simon Watkin