Trevor McDonald

Trevor McDonald LTCL
Trevor taught music in a boys’ secondary school in Bangor, Northern Ireland before joining the Royal Air Force as a bassoon player in 1976.  He did tours with the band at RAF Catterick and Rheindahlen in Germany, but spent most of his time with the prestigious Central Band of the RAF at Uxbridge, Middlesex.  With this band he enjoyed the travelling, especially the overseas tours, taking in Europe, Canada and America, with perhaps the most memorable tour being from New York to San Francisco - by coach.  44 days, 35 concerts, 35 hotels and 8,900 miles, then home for a week and then off to Hong Kong for 2 weeks.  Trevor rose up through the ranks, relishing the cut and thrust of being a Band Sergeant, which entailed organising all aspects of the Band’s work.  He ended up as Warrant Officer/Bandmaster of Central Band, finishing his last four years of service with the Band of the RAF College at Cranwell.  His one regret is not having kept a diary, noting all of the wonderful venues and events he played at all over the world.  He does not miss the RAF, which he finds healthy and enjoys playing bassoon and contrabassoon in local orchestras.
Trevor has always been an “anorak” for anything to do with aviation and a few years ago realised a childhood ambition of learning to fly a 3 axis microlight.  Nowadays he keeps both feet firmly on the ground and is happy flying his flight simulator.