Helen Orford

HarpistHelen first became interested in playing the harp when she was seven years old at a concert featuring her older brother and sister (all her family are musical.) When asked what instrument she would like to learn she immediately chose the harp as it ‘looked the prettiest.’  At first it was difficult for her to find a local harp teacher and so she settled for learning the piano.  She moved on to playing a small Celtic harp, being taught by a local folk fanatic. At the age of eight Helen finally found a teacher and a full-size orchestral pedal harp on which to learn.  She first played professionally at a local wedding when she was nine years old.  Since then her playing has developed under the teachings of Georgina Wells and she has played with several ensembles including Lincoln Pro Musica, Doncaster Concert Band and has been a member of Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra for five years.

She has accompanied theatre works and large choirs such as Hallam Choral Society.  Helen has also performed often as a soloist and regularly plays at weddings, christenings and other formal functions.